Cosmetic Tattooing

The technology in this area has come a very long way.

Cosmetic tattooing is a process where pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin by needle. The difference between cosmetic and body tattooing is that in body tattooing, ink is used as opposed to pigment, and it is inserted deeper into the epidermis.

At Beyond Dermal we offer cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Sally is qualified in microblading and cosmetic tattooing techniques.

We use beautiful organic colour pigments from Swiss Color, and Pigments from Absolute Perfection.

Lip tattooing (2 hours)

We offer full colour lip tattooing. Gone are the days of harsh lipliner! Once tattooed, your lips will look very bright for up to five days but will fade by about 50 per cent to a lovely, soft colour.

Skin on the lips is sensitive, so it can take more than one touch up to get to the required colour.


Eye Area Tattooing

Eyebrows: Microblading (1.5 hours)

This technique is known by different names, such as Feather Brows or Feather Touch. We use a hand tool with multiple needles to create hair-like strokes. This is a lovely natural technique which adds shape and texture to the brow.

Eyebrows: Combination Brows (2 hours)

This technique is a mixture of hair-like strokes (applied with a hand tool) and shading (applied with a tattoo machine) to give a more defined and fuller brow. Our favourite!


Whether it’s a top liner, bottom, or both, we can make your eyes pop. Before any tattooing begins, we draw them out to make sure you are happy with the shape of your soon-to-be fabulous eyeliner. Most people choose black but we also have charcoal and dark brown if you want a softer look.

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