Skin Regeneration Packages

8 Week Program

Surgical results without going under the knife

Are you scared of looking in the mirror each morning and seeing yet MORE wrinkles? Don’t despair! There is a solution and it’s right here in Albany. We can offer you guaranteed results with no downtime in a package tailored to suit your needs. Don’t sit back and get old, take action now and feel great in the skin you’re in.

Our promise to you:

We WILL improve…

  • Your own collagen levels
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sun damage & pigmentation
  • Skin elasticity & lifting
  • Large pores
  • Redness and capillaries

How can we be SO confident?

We use the latest technology in ultrasound machines to scan your skin so that we can prove to you that the products actually work! Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a scan from one of our very own clients to show just how much her skin has improved over 3 months.

Below is a skin scan of a 41 year old woman who started using Beaute Pacifique products and commenced treatments with us in our salon. The scan shows the layers of the skin with double the amount of collagen within 6 months. The importance of building new collagen is to strengthen the structure of your skin which will plump out the lines and wrinkles and prevent moisture loss.

JUNE 2014
The white top layer of the skin showing an uneven surface indicating sun damaged aging skin. The Blue layer is lacking white & bright colour indicating very little collagen.
White line is the top layer showing a smoother stronger surface. The Blue layer now showing bright white colour indicating new collagen. The pink & purple colour is the product penetrating deep into the layer of the skin.


  • 10% Product Discount Voucher
  • 8 x Weekly Treatments
  • Dermapen Micro-Needling
  • DermaSweep Microdermabrasions
  • SmartLux LED Light Therapy sessions
  • Enzymes Peels
  • 1x Vitamin “A” Corrective cream
  • Cleanser
  • Free Skin Scan Events
  • Before & After Photos

PACKAGE PRICE $1420 (saving over $225)Book now!

Did you know?…

If you smoke, your body utilises approximately 500mg of Vitamin C per cigarette. You also deplete your body of Iron. It is important for healthy collagen production to have enough vitamin C and Iron to strengthen the new collagen produced after having your treatments. You may want to consider supplementing your diet with vitamin C & Iron supplements or Super Greens. You can also use GEL C coat topically. (Available in our salon).

If you drink alcohol you may become dehydrated and your body becomes more acidic. You may want to consider increasing your water intake and supplementing with a hydrating drink such as Hydrolyte. If you are concerned about your vitamin and mineral intake you can speak to your doctor or health care professional.

Recommended Products


Contains two highly active ingredients, Procyanidin & Resveratrol that delay the aging process, repair sun damage and rebuild a healthy robust skin. Crème Paradoxe contains vascular constrictors to reduce capillaries and redness.


Provides the skin with two forms of Vitamin A to rebuild the collagen fibre structures. A scientifically documented rejuvenation crème that will reduce wrinkles and repair severely sun damaged skin.


Three types of Vitamin A to initiate collagen fibre structures to grow denser reducing dark circles and wrinkles.

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